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Returning to my US Navy intelligence-gathering days, we learned that early detection and knowledge of the adversary's techniques allow using all available countermeasures. As defenders over many years, we know that the military, hackers, and a few other industries are early adopters of promising new technologies. That happened with the internet, blockchain, and now AI. Adversaries have access to all the technology we do, so rarely will a new tech be the ultimate solution. The hype surrounding AI gives hope for a CyberSecurity magic pill. I don't know of any CyberSec products not already using AI, but adversaries are likely to create havoc with AI as the cat-and-mouse game continues.
Accepting these truths and working towards early detection, resiliency, and quick recovery from a security incident is most important.
The bad actors only have to do one thing right, while we must do everything correctly, and we also like to sleep occasionally. Accessing your data is a source of revenue for adversaries, and they typically work 24/7 in teams.
If you need help with early detection, We can recommend excellent providers. If you need help validating that your controls are adequate, we can recommend outstanding risk assessment and pen testing companies. It's ok to admit your small team cannot do it all. CyberSecurity  Insurers today partner with nationwide CyberSecurity providers and are willing to deploy them at your site. The insurer's incident response and remediation experts work for them rather than for you. If you need help with who to call when an incident occurs, we recommend providers that will represent your concerns first. With the right personnel on your side, you can rest assured your incident claims will be honored. FYI, Cyber Risk affects your company's credit rating. Credit agencies are incorporating cybersecurity into their assessments, evaluating your ability to repay borrowed funds in light of cyberattacks. Real-world examples show downgrades due to cyber incidents.