about us

We are a group of CIO and IT managers with years of experience related to multi-generational and newly formed Family Offices. We have proven methods that reduce risk and eliminate  technology gaps that keep Business managers up at night with worry.




Daniel Munoz

As President and Founder of Rivercity IT, Daniel has over 30 years of experience in the technology space. Without question, Daniel’s service in the U.S. Navy was the defining experience that sparked his interest in technology. Daniel translated his military experience into the founding of a successful managed services business and tenures on special project teams with several large fortune 500 companies. Daniel’s exceptional track record of technical improvement is based on his belief in quality, scalability and long-term solutions, that build in enhancement capability from inception.


“Having taken a previous company from inception to sale, I understand first-hand the trials and tribulations owners face. When businesses experience growth spurts, they inevitably encounter technology challenges. My intense passion for learning about new technologies and the ROI they offer, makes me a valuable partner as businesses face these growing pains. I help my clients find the right technology solutions that will give them peace of mind, without breaking the bank.” - Daniel Munoz