Managing Risk with Layered cyberSecurity

24/7 support of your network and users

Proactive maintenance and monitoring of your IT environment

Implementation of new IT solutions/technology and making the transition easy for you

Managing your IT needs: Fractional CIO services to full time onsite technical experts.

Our Commitment

Business owners need a partner that can help navigate the perils of the rapidly changing IT and cyber security landscape. As your partner, we will consult you on developing the right IT Roadmap for your business while also providing a highly skilled team that responds to critical day-to-day IT support. Further, we pride ourselves on accessibility, proactive and prompt service to ensure zero to minimal business interruption. It’s more than providing a cell phone to contact, RiverCity IT utilizes every technology available to satisfy your needs.

Why RiverCity IT ?

Our FOcus

Privacy and Security focused for your piece of mind. Most IT providers deliver a little work for a lot of clients. We deliver a large amount of work for a few clients. Our clients span different industries and they all have these things in common:


  • They expect to hand off any & all  technology related headaches to us so they can sleep better.
  • They place a high value on their personal Reputation and company Brand.
  • Their digital assets are very valuable and require a solid written strategy for protection.
  • They understand that ignoring Privacy related attacks will eventually bring the wrong people to your doorstep. 


Our level 1 and 2 support teams are expertly trained and certified to handle desktop questions and issues that come up during the day or night. On average, response time is less than 10 minutes.


Our level 3 and 4 support staff carry certifications on all the technologies small business customers require. Level 3 teams perform proactive maintenance overnight and respond to emergencies 24/7.


Our management team has over 30 years experience running small businesses. We believe every dollar you spend comes with the expectation of a return on that investment.